Here you can find activities to practise your listening, speakingreading, and writing skills with qualified English teachers. Choose the skill you want to practise today and improve your English at your own speed, whenever it's convenient for you.

Choose the skill you want to practise

Here you can visit and practise school-based listening audio/video materials prepared  and verified by CDC, Nepal. Also you can have ample opportunities to have your listening tests along with the answer-sheets of each question construted by the ELT teachers, such as interviews, conversations, short discussions/ talks, advertisements, reports, announcements, news, detailed directions, stories, operating instructions, messages, weather forecast, personal profiles, short narratives, recorded or broadcast audio material, etc.

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Here you can practise your speaking skill, for instances, general interview, describing pictures, charts, maps, tables, etc. Moreover, you can have narrating sequence of events, cued situation as well as speaking on a given topic. 

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Here you can have ample opportunities to take part in reading skill like news stories, menus, notices, manuals, advertisements, diary entry, e-mails, product guides, time tables,stories, essays, letters, science articles, newspaper articles, book/film reviews, etc.

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Writing on a Notebook

​In this section, you will have a great chance to pratise your writing skill, notably the following:

  • Guided Writing

  • Free composition

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Useful Study Materials for ELT Teacher



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